Theseus: Return of the Hero (PC)
A fun but overlooked game in the Alien Shooter series.

Theseus is another Alien Shooter game but using a different name. Just about everything is the same. This is a top down isometric shooter where you shoot hundreds of aliens. This game was a stepping stone in the AS series in that several of the things this game did is carried over to future games.

This game has slightly better graphics than AS. Something to note is that nearly all of the missions take place outside which is a nice change of pace from almost all missions being inside in the previous games. Those spider critters from AS have been remodeled and look pretty good. The grenade launcher’s effects were improved as well. There are also new objects in the world and the game just looks better as a whole.

SOUND: 9/10
Basically the same as AS, but there is all new rockin’ music.

STORY: 3/10
The story is forgettable and pointless here too. I even think the spelling and grammar mistakes are worse than they were in AS! The main thing of interest is that you play a cowboy-like character instead of a military guy like in AS.

There are 10 levels here too and everything is literally identical with a few additions. The slightly awkward movement from AS has been fixed here. Instead of pressing space to end the mission you must go to this green circle zone to finish the mission, which will become a staple in the series. You can also “rescue” people by touching them. The levels themselves aren’t quite as linear as they were in AS, but only by a little. Most importantly there is a screen at the end of each level telling you a few stats such as aliens killed, time spent, and people rescued. This too will become standard in future games.

There are no new enemies at all in this game. In fact, there is 1 less if you include a certain monster in The Experiment expansion. There is a boss at the end of the game, and you actually see it return in Alien Shooter 2.

In AS you got 9 weapons, but in this you only get 5. On top of that the fifth weapon, the ion cannon, is basically just a reskin of the magma gun. The other 4 weapons are exactly the same as before.

The upgrade shop is exactly the same as it is in AS. It gets a 6 instead of a 7 here because there is zero innovation or improvement.

The game is real short and easy. I beat it in 2 hours on hard and I didn’t die once, not even at the final boss.

Despite this game’s shortcomings it makes enough effort for improvement in the gameplay area to warrant an equal score as AS. If you are a fan of AS then this game is a must play.

Posted 7-10-2012
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