Kane's Plight
In Kane’s Plight you are Solaris Kane, and your “main quest” if you must have one, is simply to explore. There are a total of 4 towns and several quests in each.

When you buy the full game from here or anywhere else it's hosted, you will be getting version 1.1. There are several changes in it with the most notable being a commentary mode! I have not updated the demo to reflect this. For more info about this version look at this link:

There are 4 skills in the game, as well as your good and evil stats.

Survivability: Determines how you fare in dangerous situations.

Mechanics: Lets you manipulate mechanical things.

Beast Language: Lets you talk to animals!

Climbing: Still not sure what this does... Oh yea, that’s right! It lets you climb!

Using these 4 skills you will be able to complete quests, complete them in different ways, and access new areas.
Boasting fun quests, and tons of replayability, at $5 you can’t lose! Still not convinced? Go to the top for a link to the demo and see for yourself!
Whenever you complete a quest you will receive experience. Gain enough experience and you will get a level! Each level you earn will give you 5 points that you can put into any of the previously mentioned 4 skills.

Everytime you complete a quest you will also get good or evil points depending on how you complete it. Some characters in the game will only give you a quest if your good or evil stat is high enough.
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