Kane's Advocacy
Game mechanics
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Kane's Advocacy is a game with no fighting where the focus is experiencing the various stories in the game and make choices that affect that quest and future quests from that quest line. It is read like a book with lots of reading. The quests themselves are not your typical fare but have personalities like living teddy bears, creatures that feed on bones, a sentient meteorite, and talking raccoons to name a few.

There are two towns: Ryson and Dirkley. Very soon after the start of the game you must choose which town to go to and this will be the town you explore for the rest of the game.

Ryson: A lush area with lots of plants and animals. They are into nature and animals, and despise industry and the furthering of technology. Prefers things to be done with nature whenever reasonably possible. Strongly dislikes the killing of animals.

Dirkley: A barren area with very little vegetation. Because of this they have developed more towards industry including mining and metalworks.

The game centers around the conflict between Ryson and Dirkley. Whichever town you choose you can partake in either town's goal to conquer the other. If you go to Ryson you can join Ryson and help them invade Dirkley, or join the Dirkley spies and help them conquer Ryson. The opposite is true for Dirkley.

Game mechanics
Since there is no fighting at all, you get experience for completing quests. Whenever you get 100 exp you gain a level. Every level you gain grants you 5 skill points. You can then distribute these skill points amongst any of the 4 skills. Be warned: only distribute your points into the skill needed in order to do the task at hand.

Survivability: This is what determines how you do in situations where you must defend yourself.

Beast language: Lets you talk to animals.

Mechanics: Governs the manipulation of mechanical things.

Climbing: Allows you to climb over things.

These skills, while present, are rarely used. The main focus is on the stories themselves.

Every completed quest also gives you city points. Which city you get points for is determined by the city the person is most associated with. If you choose to help the raccoons who are in Ryson you will get Ryson points. If you hurt those raccoons you will get Dirkley points. It's that simple. In order to complete the main quest for whatever city you ally with, you must have at least 40 city points for that city. If you join the Dirkley spies make sure you have at least 40 Dirkley points. If you join Ryson you will need at least 40 Ryson points. The same is true for the other town.

There are several things to know about this game. It doesn't have quite as many quests as Kane's Plight, but each quest is far bigger and more involved. Each quest also has much more impact on the area involved in that quest. Further, there are many more quest lines. This means you have a start quest and the choice you make here will determine which unique quests you get after. Not all quests are like this, but many of them are. There is also far more writing per quest, so I hope you like to read! Each of these start quests can be completed in two ways.

There are a total of four endings in the game. Each of the following is an ending: Dirkley spies, Ryson, Ryson spies, and Dirkley.

There is a written epilogue in the installation folder titled "Epilogue" for each of the four endings. What the epilogue covers is what happens after that ending, and how that ending affects certain quests, and based on the choices of those quests. To give a generic example: you have Cat Quest which can be completed 2 ways. So for the epilogue we would have Cat Quest choice 1 if Ryson wins, choice 1 if Dirkley wins, Cat Quest choice 2 if Ryson wins, choice 2 if Dirkley wins. Only a few quests are featured in the epilogue, as well as what happens in that town in general based on the ending.

A written commentary mode is also in the game. You can turn it on or off in the tutorial area and outside each of the two towns. The commentary gives you my thoughts about the quest or area, including what was changed about it during development, revelation about any influences, and sometimes if I really liked it.

The complete walkthrough and hint guide can be found here as well. I made it myself, of course, and have it here for all of you free.

Take a look at my forum posts where I made weekly updates for this game until release for more info. It contains spoilers!


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