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Here at Kane's Games I want my games to be like reading a book. Each game will have lots of text and reading involved, with little to no puzzles and no fighting. Just good old story! Imagine a book with a collection of short stories, but where you get to make choices and change how the stories unfold. For more details, here are some unique features you can expect to be in my games:

No fighting: Do you really want to play another game that gives you a random battle every few feet, and to top it off, is the same battle system you've seen in a hundred games before with nary an innovation? Me neither. My games aren't here to bore you with long, monster-filled dungeons that we both know are there only to waste your time.

Quests with real choices: Don't you get tired of getting a quest from some person you don't really like, and are forced to do what they ask? Don't you wish you had a choice to do something different? In my games almost all quests will give you a choice. So imagine a quest called "A". Quest A can be completed in 2 ways. Completing it in way 1 gives you access to Quest B, but completing it in way 2 gives you access to Quest C. Not all quests that give you a choice branch like this, but you can expect to see some of these in my games.

Logical and thought out quest scenerios: I would always get annoyed when I did quests where the scenerio doesn't make sense (why is the dragon in the sewers? Why can't the king send one of his own knights to slay it?) In my games, careful thought is put into most scenerios to explain the why's of the quest. Why does the person need your help? What is the problem doing there in the first place? Do the solutions to the quest make sense? You won't find many, if any, quests like "go get X of Y item", or "go kill X amount of Y monsters", or "help! My 5 year old son somehow navigated a cave full of monsters and is hiding next to the boss at the end!" Yes you have a maniacal tree who wants to take over a town, talking teddy bears, scarecrows that don't like scaring birds, and much more, but their quests make sense!

Check out the demos for my games and see all this for yourself. With prompt and professional customer service, you can be sure that I will do everything I can to ensure you have a fun time playing my games.

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